Tag Heuer Watch Repair

Over 40% of the watches that are repaired at our facility are Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watch repair is one of our main specialties. We are a service center for Tag Heuer watch repairs. Our courteous and resourceful staff is ready to serve you in any capacity for your Tag Heuer watch repair. Our qualified staff has over twenty five years experience working in the field of watch repair. There is no problem that we can not solve, for your watch, when it comes to repair. If the part is available, we can fix it. You are definitely in good hands here at Precise Time Watch Repair. We pride ourselves in our proficiency in the field especially on your Tag Heuer watch repairs.

For help to send your watch in for repair to our authorized service center please follow the simple directions on the shipping page. Our resourceful staff is available during regular business hours and beyond most days. We really go the extra mile to please you at Precise Time Watch Repair.

Please contact us and let the receptionist know that you have found us on the web and are interested in learning more about the process of your watch being repaired at our facility. They will direct you to Rami J. Farhat, our master watchmaker and provide you with the information that you need. Consultation is free, so call today and see what all the fuss is about!
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