Battery Replacement

Quality and efficient battery replacement and repairs

No job is too small.  Let us replace your watch battery.  Many problems occur when untrained individuals are left to fumble through a battery replacement.

Antique Pocket Watches:  Your family heirloom will be handled with care and precaution.  All repairs and alterations are specifically approved by you before they are done and special considerations are always made for those sentimental pieces. At Precise Time, we take pride in our ability to repair and restore these timeless pieces.  We offer a full line of services.  We have a vast supply of vintage and antique parts ready for your unique repair.

We offer a full line of services including battery replacement, antique watch restoration, water testing, polishing, case and bracelet refinishing, overhauling, and more. Only genuine parts are used on your time piece. Professional, fast, and courteous service will be given.

Our trained staff is willing to perform any service for you. We can replace your battery the same day that your watch arrives. We will also take a look inside to make sure that everything inside your watch is running precisely. All batteries that are removed from customer watches are tested and recycled properly. We are not just concerned about your time; we are concerned about Mother Nature over time.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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